Friday, March 15, 2013

All the Cheese

Veggie Pizza
These are the results of the cheeses I made from the Artisan Vegan Cheese cookbook! Of course I made pizza! I used the meltable mozzarella and meltable cheddar on this pizza. I have to say it took a lot of planning to get to this point, there are very many steps to make these cheeses. Are they worth it? Yes and no.
I used to eat the heck out of some cheese and I still miss it a lot sometimes but I haven't given into temptation, yet. I had been vegetarian since I was 15, but I never liked eggs or milk type things, oh but cheese was a different story. I have been vegan for a couple of years (with a cheese relapse for a bit in there) and I have been on a quest (as a lot of us are) for a good cheese sub.
I think with more experimenting with these recipes I could get it close. All that said I have not remade any cheese since the first batch. Do what you will with that info.
My omni partner really enjoyed the mozzarella and made a caprese salad with it. He said it tasted like fresh mozz, so there is that. I think if you are willing to experiment with it and you have shit-ton of patience, give it a shot! I also made the quick parmesean recipe and added it to pasta and salads and I absolutely loved it.

Caprese Salad

Red grape and Parmesean Salad

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