Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Vegan Mofongo with Arroz de Gandules!

So last year K and I were invited to a wedding celebration in Puerto Rico, the beach, the fruity drinks, lazy days, how could we say no! Well we didn't! We hopped right on that plane and scooted our way to the festivities. And by that I mean it was basically a non-stop party. Sun up to sun down and beyond. I might be getting too old for this shit....
As a vegan in a strange place, I just stuck to obviously vegan food like fresh veggies and fruits (tons of coconuts everywhere yipee!) The nearby grocery had some vegan burger options I was surprised and pleased to have found. There is also the usual fast food options, subway, T-bell, etc. But I didn't have to go that route as the pop up stands along the road have more than I needed to get by.
A very popular food in P.R. is a dish called Mofongo, traditionally fried green plantains mashed with garlic and pork. I did get to try a vegan version at the airport on the way home and made a mental note to try my hand at this dish when I got back. In this homemade version I leave out the pork (duh!) and stuff them with a spicy veggie TVP mixture similar to picadillo. This very unhealthy dinner was delish, of course. Also served with arroz de gandules or pigeon peas and rice.
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