Thursday, September 5, 2013

Beginnings and Endings (thirsty thursday)

Happy almost the weekend day a.k.a. Thursday! I am right on schedule now and it feels good. I started today with a bad-ass breakfast smoothie that consisted of fresh orange juice, vegan protein powder, coconut milk and frozen nanners. So delish!
So Artsy!
I had some early morning interviews today so I needed a breakfast that would travel well and this smoothie solves that problem. On a side note, I wish someone would make a travel drink carrier for the car. I could potentially leave the house with up to 4 beverages (smoothie, coffee, water, etc.) and cars aren't very well equipped for that.
Since interviews suck and it is 5 o' clock somewhere, I am going to be ending my day with a little of this.
Vegan Bloody Mary's are the best! I need a bigger glass to fit in some ice cubes, or what I like to call, the unimportant part. Next to the VBM (that doesn't look right) are some spicy green beans that I crammed in there as well as some green olives. It still wasn't spicy enough so I added some Crystal's hot sauce to make it more hellz yeah!

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