Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kabocha Mac-n-Cheeze

Recipes using Kabocha squash have been traveling around on blogs for a while now but I could never find any at the grocery store, until a few days ago. I snatched one up and decided to use it following this mac-n-cheeze recipe (she uses butternut squash).   
Creamy Goodness
It turned out well and definitely looked like mac-n-cheese. I don't think it tastes like mac-n-cheese as much as my favorite recipe, Isa's Mac & Shews, but it is seriously creamy and delicious all the same. I think I will try the recipe again as the weather cools down as it is comfort food at its finest. I am sure you could fancy it up a bit too, use linguine noodles instead, fry some sage leaves, or add some truffle oil to the sauce. 

I used about half of my roasted kabocha squash and saved the other half to make soup. Kabocha is very creamy when roasted so it should make for a yummy blended soup. I will definitely buy this squash again, the flavor is terrific! What is your favorite kabocha recipe?

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