Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dad's Famous Bean Sandwiches

We all have some weird food that we like to make and mine is a bean sandwich my Dad used to make for my brothers and I when it was his turn to cook. We loved bean sandwich night because it usually meant we got to eat them in front of the T.V. Of course his recipe wasn't vegan but it was good and very messy. It also isn't really a sandwich either since it is served on a slice of toast. I mentioned buying some Daiya cheddar slices on sale the other day and I decided the perfect way to test them would be on this sandwich.
They were so good I went back to the store while they were still on sale and bought some Swiss slices as well (more on this soon!). And also on sale was Upton's Naturals Bacon Seitan. Very tasty!
 I usually use wheat bread for this but any sturdy bread will do, just make sure it will be able to support the beans and not get too soggy. My Dad's recipe uses ketchup on the beans, we sometimes leave it out (or forget) so you can too.

Dad's Famous Bean Sandwich Recipe (1 serving)
1- slice bread (I used sourdough but wheat works)
1- slice vegan cheese
2- slices vegan bacon
1/2 C- vegan baked beans (I used canned)
1/2 TB or to taste- ketchup (optional)

Set toaster oven or oven to broil. Cook beans on stove top or in microwave. While the beans are cooking, get your bacon nice and crispy. Toast your bread. Time to assemble. Take your toast and place it on an oven safe pan. Add your baked beans on to the toast. If desired add the ketchup. Lay the bacon on top of the beans and then your slice of cheese. Put sandwich under the broiler until nice and browned or melty. EAT!

On the side is some dirty okra using the okra we got at the farmer's market. Love me some dirty okra! What are some weird comfort foods that you make?

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