Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Mini Food

I swear I am not getting paid to promote Gardein products (but I would, hint, hint). We have been pretty busy lately with work and other projects, like volunteer tutoring for kids falling behind in their subjects in school. We have gravitated to the quick and easy for lunches on the weekends and leave our major cooking for dinners. So Gardein really comes in handy but it isn't cheap so I doubt this will really become a habit once all the crazy settles.

We grabbed some chicken tenders yesterday and some vegan Hawaiian style rolls to make little sliders today for lunch.  The rolls are accidentally vegan which was a nice surprise. I remember my mom used to get the King's Hawaiian bread as a treat sometimes and we would toast up a slice with some butter and jam, delish! I lightly toasted the rolls, added a pickle, some Vegenaise, Daiya swiss, and the tenders. Pretty tasty little treat!
The weather in Austin is so amazing right now because of a cold front we got on Friday, so we had a nice little picnic in the backyard. Check out the little creek behind our house. I took this Friday, the water is almost gone now. I wish it was like that all of the time though, it was awesome.
Crazy Rapids

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