Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cancer Busting

I went to Louisiana last weekend with my mom and my brother to a middle of nowhere town as a retreat in a way. My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer about 5 years ago and we beat it but a few weeks ago was diagnosed with bone cancer. So we rallied and decided to take a nice weekend and visit the property of my grandfather in Reeves, La. where my mom grew up. We still own most of the land there and it holds wonderful memories for all of us. My brother and I eat pretty healthy and we also wanted to show my mom how easy it can be to cook delicious meals using whole foods. The grocery stores are sorely lacking in the way of organic and vegan foods but we picked up some nice veggies and greens for the juicer. We juiced and had oatmeal with fruit in the mornings and I made us dinner in the late afternoon. We were staying in an RV so the kitchen area/utensils were less than desirable but we made do. The first night I cooked some spaghetti noodles and tossed them in a simple peanut sauce then added some fresh veggies.
Mom mixing pasta in a tub

Fresh Cukes!
I cooked up some black beans and made some veggie patties with them using some of the oatmeal and about a cup of our morning veggie juice pulp. They turned out great, a bit flimsy but I was pleased with the results.

I don't have recipes for these I just eyeballed it and mashed it all together. I served the patties with a fresh green salad piled high with veggies and some sauteed sweet potatoes on the side. I was pretty pleased with all of e meals we made and my mom really like them too! Let's hope some of it sunk in and she starts eating with more veggies and less processed, sugar free, terribly bad for you food. She is not of fan of juicing and calls it her 'medicine' but I think it will start to grow on her the more she does it. I really want her to watch Forks over Knives, I think that would explain the idea behind a whole food diet better than I can. Does anyone have a success story regarding illness and food?

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