Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Weenie Wednesday?!

I know that isn't an official theme for MoFo Wednesdays but it sounds good and I am running with it. We normally buy Lightlife smart dogs because that is the only veggie dog they sell at my local store but this time we scored some Tofurky brand dogs. I like both brands just fine but I would probably pick Tofurky if it wasn't an out of the way trip. Today I made one Chicago style and the other has chili and cheeze.
Chicago on the left, Chili-cheeze on the right

The cheeze is  Dragon's Bulk, Dry Uncheese mix from Vegweb. I mix it with water and a little bit of pickle juice to add a little tangy flavor. The chili is made from seasoned crumbled tempeh.
I am not a fan of boiled things so I cook the dogs a bit different than a lot of folks. I put them in a skillet with a quarter to half cup of water over med high heat so they get warmed through and then let the water evaporate. At this point I add a touch of oil to the skillet and let them get a bit crispy on the outside. Now just toast some buns and add your toppings!
We don't really eat this way very often but sometimes the convenience of ready made food really hits the spot. Have y'all heard of carrot dogs? I think these might hold up better on the grill than veggie dogs, might need to try these out soon.


  1. I am ridiculously obsessed with vegan hot dogs, but I haven't tried Tofurky's yet!