Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Casa de Luz

Casa de Luz is a macrobiotic place here in Austin and it is a healthy vegan paradise! If you ever find yourself in Austin go directly here and eat. The atmosphere is super duper hippy new age but that is part of the fun. There are usually people there 'laying hands' which is when someone sits in a chair and someone else stands behind them with their hand in the stop position kind of near the sitting person. Yeah, I don't know. Anyhoo, the food is the reason to go. I think the price is $12 and you get your own drink, soup and salad. I think the soup was either sweet potato or pumpkin and coconut milk. Whatever it was is was so smooth and comforting. The salad is the bizness though, I could eat this salad all day everyday. It is just greens but the dressing they make is heaven. Haven't a clue what it is made of.

Pretty Entryway

When your food is ready they will bring it to your table. You don't get a choice on what food they bring. . On this day it was a veggie enchilada (check out that sauce!) greens with lemon, brown rice, kidney beans with suncheese, and purple sauerkraut. Very wholesome and filling but not in that gross buffet way.
Casa de Luz is a very unique place, rather than try and describe it to you I added a link to their vision statement. Go check out the menu too, it changes daily based on what is available but is usually mexican type food


  1. That definitely sounds like my kind of place. Great salad dressing, soup, and a healthy but mysterious vegan meal? All my favorite things!

    1. Randi, I think you would love it! I really can't explain how good it is.